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Fixing Errors For A Milk Analyser- A Dairy Equipment

Milk Analyzer is a modern Dairy Equipment which is capable of handling the milk sample professionally and offers an accurate result. With the enhancements in the Dairy Industry, the Dairy Equipments have advanced to offer a great productivity result and deliver the best possible output. The Milk Analyzer is a resourceful Dairy Equipment which is crucial for handling the milk sample and performing its analysis.

Owing to its structure and operational functioning, it is highly integral to maintain a proper care of the Dairy Equipment and resolve occurring issues with the most compatible solutions and outcomes. Here is a list of some issues that might occur within the operational flow of a Milk Analyzer along with the most suitable solutions to resolve the errors.

    ● This error signifies an Empty Sensor Message.

ROOT CAUSE- The root cause for this error may possible be an insufficient quantity of milk sample sucked in the system or there is air in the sample


  1. There needs to be a check that there are no air bubbles in the sample.
  2. After measurement, one needs to keep a check that the milk sample is
    decreasing or not in the sample holder.
  3. There also might be damage in the suction system.


● The sample temperature is accounted as higher than usual

ROOT CAUSE- The possible reason for this error might lead to the sucked
overheated sample.

  1. The sample temperature tends to exceed the maximum permitted
    temperature of the sample.


● The temperature of the box is accounted as high then the usual
ROOT CAUSE- The temperature of the Milk Analyzer has exceeded the acceptable work temperature.
SOLUTION/REMEDY: To resolve this particular error, one needs to Enable the ‘Fast Start’
Button (Menu Settings)

4. ERROR 11:

ROOT CAUSE- There is a fault within the sensor of the Milk Analyzer

● The sensor needs to be replaced
● Get in touch with any Dairy Equipment Support Assistance for advice

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