• NU-125

Rectangular Muffle Furnace (Laboratory Model)

Working temp. 900°C maximum temp. 1000°C, Fitted with energy regulator, thermocouple and pyrometer.
Inner Muffle Size in Inches: (9”x4”x4”) to (18”x9”x9”)

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Inner Muffle Size in mm Inner Muffle Size in Inches
A 225x100x100 (9”x4”x4”)
B 250x125x125 (10”x5”x5”)
C 300x125x125 (12”x5”x5”)
D 300x150x150 (12”x6”x6”)
E 300x200x200 (12”x8”x8”)
F 350x175x125 (14”x7”x5”)
G 475x175x125 (19”x7”x5”)
H 450x225x225 (18”x9”x9”)