• NU-111

Serological Water Bath (Thermostatic Water Bath)

A 300x175x175mm (suitable for 1 racks) 12 ltrs
B 300x250x175mm (suitable for 2 racks) 14 ltrs
C 375x300x175mm (suitable for 4 racks) 18 ltrs
D 455x300x175mm (suitable for 6 racks) 25 ltrs
E 605x300x175mm (suitable for 8 racks) 32 ltrs
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Temp. upto 80°C accuracy ±1°C to work on 220-240 Volt AC 50 Hz.


  • Digital temp. Indicator-cum-Controller.
  • Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller with timer.
  • Stirrer with 1/20 H.P. high speed motor with stainless stirring rod & blade.
  • Digital temp. Indicator

Note : Please ask for other capacities of your requirement.