Tray Dryer

  Chamber Size
A 430x840x650 8 tray 16’’x32’’x1 ¼
B 430x840x910 12 tray 16’’x32’’x1 ¼
C 910x840x910 24 tray 16’’x32’’x1 ¼
D 960x1270x1450 48 tray 16’’x32’’x1 ¼
E 960x1700x1700 96 tray 16’’x32’’x1 ¼
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Standard sturdy double wall fabrication. Inner & outer chambers made out of thick mild steel / Stainless Steel sheet. Inner chamber backed silver paint finish and exterior finished in hammertone. Gap between two walls filled with glass wool for temperature insulation.

Heavy duty forced air blowers are provided to constantly circulate hot wall door is mounted on heavy hinges and provided with heavy moulded latch.

Temperature is controlled by a thermostat and it can be read on dial type thermometer. Temperature range : 50 o C to 250 o C + 2 o C to 5 0 C and equipment is workable on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase or 440 volts A.C. supply.

Tray Capacities

  • 8 trays of 16”x32” x 1/1/4” Size.
  • 12 trays of 16’x32”x1/1/4” Size.
  • 24 trays of 16”x32”x1/1/4” Size.
  • 48 trays of 16”x32”x1/1/4” Size.
  • 96 trays of 16”x32”x1/1/4” Size.


  • Timer 0-24 hours.
  • Digital temp. Indicator-cum-Controller.
  • Tray 16″x32″x1¼” size. AL
  • Tray 16″x32″x1¼” size.

Note : Please ask for other capacities of your requirement.