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Butter Butyrometer 0-90% With Weighing Cup And 2 Rubber Stoppers

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A butter butyrometer is a device used to measure the fat content in butter. It consists of a glass tube that is graduated in percentage units, and is calibrated according to ISO standards. The fat content is determined by measuring the amount of fat in the scale, higher the fat content, the higher the position of the seprated content in the graduated tube.

The butter butyrometer is commonly used in dairy industry and butter processing plants to monitor the quality and composition of butter. It helps in determining the appropriate amount of cream or butterfat to be added or removed from the butter during processing, and also helps in assessing the overall butter quality.


Material : Made of Borosilicate 3.3 Glass for acidic resistance.

Scale Printing : Measuring scale is printed with silver nitrate amber colour for acid and alkali resistance.

Volume to be used : Suitable for testing of 5 gm butter by weighing method. (With 16 holes perforated glass cup)

Construction : Precisesd both end opening for rubber stopper and cleaning.

Least Count : It can measure smallest value upto 0.1

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