• 300-HO

300 LPH Hand Operated Cream Separator

  • Machine Capacity – 300 Ltr/Hr
  • Tank Capacity – 35 Litres
  • No of Discs – 30 – 32 (SS)
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Our cream separator is a specially designed machine that uses centrifugal force to efficiently separate milk into cream and skimmed milk. As the machine spins, the heavier milk is forced towards the outer walls while the lighter cream collects in the middle. The separated cream and skimmed milk then flow out of separate spouts, making it easy to collect and use for further processing. This allows dairies to regulate the fat content of their products, such as low-fat milk, full-fat milk, or cream, by mixing the cream and skimmed milk in a specific ratio. Our cream separator is designed with premium-quality materials, making it easy to use and maintain. This is also energy-efficient and cost-effective, making it a great investment for both small and large-scale dairy operations.


Hand-Operated/Manually Operated : This type of cream separator is powered by manual operation, making it
suitable for all locations with limited access to electricity.

One Ball Bearing : The cream separator features a single ball bearing, which reduces friction and enhances efficiency in the separation process.

Technical Specifications

Machine Capacity 300 Ltr/Hr
Tank Capacity 35Ltr
No of S.S. Discs 30 – 32
Available Models Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Bowl Material MS MS MS SS SS
Spout Set MS SS SS SS SS
Milk Tank AL AL SS AL SS

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