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Milk Analyzer- Advanced Dairy Equipment

The Milk Analyzer has been designed with latest advanced technologies to detect the essential components within the milk sample such as the percentage analysis of Fats, Water, Protein, Lactose, Solid-Non-Fats. The Milk Analyser has been designed to measure various animal milk such as Buffalo Milk,  Cow Milk, Restored Milk, Lama Milk, Whey as well as Buttermilk.


  • Milk Analyzer composes of a robust structure
  • Comprises of a user friendly interface
  • Less complicated work operation with just one button to operate
  • Recognized as the fastest Milk Analyzer (measurement speed- 180-240 samples)
  • Omits use of chemical reagents
  • The device is compatible to work with we hands avoiding the moisture issues


Preparing the milk for sample analysis requires a few essential points to be considered:

  1. The milk sample is poured into several vessels numerous times to distribute the fat content uniformly.
  2. The samples need to pour carefully through the walls of vessel, to purposely avoid foam formation or separation of milk fat
  3. The sample needs to be poured three times for a better mix
  4. The milk has to be slowly heated up to 35-40 °С if there is fat stuck on the walls of the vessel (when the samples were stored for a long time)
  5. The vessel walls with stuck cream are removed. The sample is poured several times and is cooled down at a temperature of 20 Degrees
  6. In case of rapid sample preparation one can use ultrasonic stirrer or vibrator which will homogenize the whole milk sample and remove the air bubbles from the sample


The device needs special care and consideration while its preparation for the milk testing process. Here are a few points to lay your attention upon:

  • Initial step is to place the device on a horizontal table with a stable surface. Considering caution with the sources such as hot or cold might decide the accuracy of the measurements
  • Connect the power cord 12V DC to the power socket on the rear panel of the unit and plug it into the electrical outlet (the outlet has to be grounded, it is the most important aspect of electrical supply see “Important Safety Instructions”). Only use recommended power supply to run the machine
  • Lastly, turn on the power switch and the Ultra scan Milk Analyzer will be ready to function.
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