Milk Testing Equipment

An Insight on Dairy Equipment

The Dairy Equipment Industry has had a great change of processing and work style over several decades. From Traditional set of Dairy handling to functioning on modern equipment, the Dairy Industry has witnessed a great evolution in this era of modernisation. The Dairy Industry in India contributes as the second largest food industry in terms of revenue generations and hence a lot is gathered because of its advanced machinery and comfortable work processing. Many factors have contributed to help in the evolution and enhancement in the Dairy Industry.

The Milking Machines have been a boon in extracting milk from cows. Such development of milking machines such as a MIlk Analyser, Ultra Kurien MIlk Analyser, Milk Processing Solutions as well as Dairy Processing has transformed the state of the Dairy Industry. These Milking Machines are utilized for the processing of milk which results in the formation of several dairy products such as butter, cream and cheese. A major advantage of these milking equipment lies in its time saving aspect which results in reduced time for packaging, labor cost, thus enhancing overall production. As a result of an Increased automation and efficiency-enhancing technologies the dairy industry can definitely benefit in the coming years.

Various Dairy and Milk Processing equipments compose of milk pouch machines, homogenizers, storage milk tanks, dairy products, milk pasteurizers, soft drink pouch packaging machines, refrigeration systems, milk pumps, industrialized homogenizers and so on.

With the inception of Dairy Equipment, workload has been extremely less hectic resulting in less time consumption. These Milking Machines are highly advanced and compose of several integral components which are essential for the functioning of these machines.
Some components of milking machines, important for milking cows include-:
● Gauge
● Teat Cups
● Vacuum TAnks
● Vacuum Pump
● Regulator
● Pulsator

The following steps explain the processing and functioning of the Milk:

● Pasteurization:

Pasteurization refers to the process of heating milk at an extremely high
temperature to omit all the harmful and unhygienic components present in the milk sample such as bacteria, to avoid it from spoiling the milk.

● Homogenization:
The second step falling under the milk processing requires Homogenization, which refers to the process of removing the fat content present in the milk. This process is also known as Separation and is essential in crossing down the fat.

● Packaging:
In the final step, the auto generated packing is done through the machines
according to the types of milk. After packaging the milk packets are loaded to the container for the delivery purpose to other places.

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