• bmc-500

Bulk Milk Cooler Bmc (Horizontal) 500 Ltr

Bulk milk cooler tank capacity of 500 Litres is a direct expansion cooling tank (Open Tank Semi Cylindrical Rectangular Shape) that has large opening lids for easy access and rounded internal corners to facilitate thorough cleaning tank Insulation is provided by factory injected
Polyurethane foam (PUFF) of 50mm, All Control System Integral Condensing units hermetic Type with R22 Refrigerant having features of

  • Low Running Cost
  • High Standard Of Milk Hygiene
  • Reduced Electricity Consumption
  • The agitator on/off
  • Cooling on/off
  • Digital temperature display
  • 35°C To 4° C Within 3 Hours For 1st Milking i.e. 50% of Tank capacity for IInd Milking 10-12°C To 4°C of a total capacity of the tank in 1.5 Hrs
  • Condensing Unit Hermetic type Single/three-phase 50 Hz supply

FUNCTION: The Bulk Cooling Unit will be used to cool raw milk from the ambient temperature of 35° to 4° C within the specified time as laid down by us ISO 5708 Class 2A-II Standards. Two Milking design system has been configured such that volume of each milking is as under :

  • Milking in the Morning – 50% (250 Ltrs)
  • Milking in the Evening – 50% (250 Ltrs)

Please note minimum milk should be 125 Ltrs for proper functioning of BMC.

Maximum Cooling Time :

  • First Milking : 3.0 hr. from 35° to 4° Celsius
  • Second Milking : 1.5 hr. from 10° to 4° Celsius
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A) Milk Cooling Tank

Open design with spring assisted hinged lid to be provided for easy access for cleaning and visual inspection. The tank will be a cylindrical shape with a condensing unit underneath with a double stainless steel shell of AISI 304 in special ground finish 150 grit. The bottom of the tank is designed with a dimple evaporator. It is to be made from AISI 304 Stainless Steel using laser welding technology. The thickness of the inner shell be 2 mm and the outer shell shall be 1.5 mm.

Insulation The tank is insulated with CFC free injected polyurethane foam min 40 kg/m3 without any imperfection or hygroscopicity with a thickness of 50 mm.

The Efficiency of the Insulation Milk at 4°C shall not exceed 1°C in 4 hours when the rated volume is allowed to stand as per ISO at 50° ambient.


Agitator – Extra low-speed agitator with stainless steel shaft SS sleeved up to the drive, which is geared motor will be provided for optimum sealing between agitator and tank.

Outlet – 1 unit tank outlet fitted with 1 unit Butterfly valve

B) Refrigeration System

Mounted on skid comprising of the following:
Hermetically sealed compressor complete with drive motor

Condenser – Air Cooled, screen-protected compact condenser unit consisting of finned condenser coils in several rows. Condenser fans of reputed make are fitted for the duty. One set of evaporating coils was welded to the inside tank and pressed into a channeling plate of adequate size.

Refrigerant & Oil – The unit is supplied complete with the first charge of the environment-friendly refrigerant and lubrication oil.

One Set – Refrigeration system controls field mounted comprising of the solenoid valve, L.P / H.P. cutout and sensor for digital temperature indicators.

C) Control Panel

Refrigeration control panel with milk tank control panel shall be fabricated of 1.2 mm thick mild steel sheet in dust and vermin proof design will have temperature display & control, switch gears etc. The control panel is given in mounted execution and is pre-wired to terminal connections.


Capacity 500 Litre
Gross Capacity 550 Litre
The material used for construction AISI 304
Shape Horizontal
The thickness of inner shells 2.0 mm
The thickness of outer shells 1.6 mm
Number of Agitator One
RPM of the Agitator (s) Approx. 28-30 RPM
CIP Facility Manual
Type of insulation By injection of high density 40 kg/cu CFC free PUF
Type Direct expansion open type
Type of Compressor Hermetically sealed reciprocating
Make of Compressor Emerson Copeland
Size (Nominal HP) of Compressor 1.5 Ton (1 Unit)
Condenser Air Cooled, Finned Tube Type
No. of Compressor One
No. of Fans One
Type of Refrigerant Freon R-22 / Eco Friendly
Power Supply 220 Volt Single Phase
Connected Laod 1.5 KW Per Hour
Compressor 1.5 Ton
Agitator 60 Watt

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